Anti-Gravity RC Car

The Ultimate RC Car Is Here! Drive on the roof, walls or windows. Any kid is sure to love them!

This Unique RC Car is sure to get the kids off the iPad and gaming consoles. They will be out and about, playing with these all day!

Whether they have a birthday, it's a special holiday or they're just being a good kid, they are sure to love this Anti-Gravity RC car.

Upgrade from the old RC Cars and get the best today!


Drives On Any Smooth Surface - Drive it on the floor, windows or ceiling! With the super suction technology this awesome little car should have no problem driving wherever you want.

360° Stunt Rotation - Easily make the car drift whenever you want. It makes driving on the walls that much more fun! 

Extremely Durable Body - Don't worry about falls. It has a specially designed body that is built to withstand large falls. 

Easily Rechargeable -Don't spend money on batteries. This RC car is easily rechargeable with a readily available USB port. 


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