Giant Monkey Plush Stuffed Toy [Free Shipping]

Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town 🙈🙉🙊
The Giant Monkey is Finally Here!

Let's welcome a new member to our plush toys family, the 43" Giant Monkey! He is so huge and so adorable to hang out with, grown ups will like him even more because he is really big.


  • Premium quality PP cotton
  • So huggable and soft
  • Massive size 43" (110 cm)

Your questions! Answered: 
Q.How to wash the Giant Monkey?
A. Since the Giant Monkey doesn't fit in regular washing machines, we recommend using a wet cloth with little soap on it and wipe gently. And let him dry slowly at room temperature.

Q. How long does he take to arrive?
A. As you may know, the Giant Monkey is big, so usually the trip takes him anywhere around 7-12 working days depending on how busy the traffic and couriers are.

Q. Which couriers do you ship with? Can I track my order?
A. For US order we deal with FedEx and USPS. For international orders we deal with the local courier services of each country. Yes! We provide tracking numbers upon shipping.