Elephant Comfy [Elephant Stuffed Plush Toy]




Elephant Comfy - Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Pillow is the best fluffy toy you'll ever buy! We all need a kind friend to hug sometimes. Someone who has time to listen and help us with wise advice. Basically a friend for life with soft, warm and open arms.

Our Elephant Comfy is good at hugging, comforting, and is fond of play and mischief. In addition, he is reliable and tested for safety.


  • Plush fabric outer material
  • Polyester/cotton mix stuffing
  • Available in three sizes:
    • Small 15.6" (40 cm)
    • Large 23.5" (60 cm) - As shown in the Ad
  • Five cheerful colors to choose from
  • Great for baby shower parties


Your questions! Answered: 
Q. How to wash the Elephant Comfy?
A. Using a regular washing machine, we recommend using a medium temperature water. Also you can use a wet cloth with little soap on it and wipe gently. And let him dry slowly at room temperature.

Q. How long does he take to arrive?
A. Well, Elephants are slow! So usually the trip takes him anywhere around 7-14 working days depending on how busy the traffic and couriers are.

Q. Which couriers do you ship with? Can I track my order?
A. For US order we deal with FedEx and USPS. For international orders we deal with the local courier services of each country. Yes! We provide tracking numbers upon shipping.


Your baby's safety is our top priority. Please don't leave your infant unattended with toy pillows.

We apologize for not accepting returns/refunds based on sizing issues, make sure to order the right size.