April 16, 2018

Do you still remember your very first teddy bear? Well, for a lot of people, furry teddy bears are their first friend, so there is no wonder that kids could be so attached to their companions. According to studies, soft toys have positive effects on the development of one’s child. Even in the technological age these days, the soft toys are still one of the hottest trends in different toy stores as these are the most loved toys by many people.

Advantages of Soft Toys for All Babies

Most babies enjoy feeling and touching new textures, especially with their mouths and the soft toys could give the most ideal mix to develop sensory skills and encourage emotional and social growth. Even at young age, babies start to grasp various sizes, textures, and colors of the world around them and the soft toys are a great way for them to do so.

Whenever you are purchasing soft toys for babies, it’s essential to ensure that they’re suitable for those who are under 1 year old. Due to the instinct of babies to explore with their mouth, it is critical that there aren’t any small parts or lose fibers that might present as choking hazard.

Advantages of Soft Toys for All Toddlers

The advantages of soft toys for the toddlers are invaluable. The cuddly toy’s warmth provides security and comfort that kids desire when facing some new changes or feeling tired. The favorite teddy bear of toddlers may also help with the separation anxiety as well as the move from the cot to the toddler beds. More often than not, young kids use soft toys for projecting their own feelings and comfort them, which encourage valued qualities including bonding, affection, and empathy. The soft toys can also encourage creative plays through role playing. The favorite soft toys of toddlers may vary from one to another. Sometimes, it depends on how friendly-looking and cuddly they are.

Why Soft Toys Are Important!

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Advantages of Soft Toys for Older and Big Children

The advantages of soft toys do not only apply to toddlers and babies. According to studies, it was found that cuddling soft toys can soothe one’s anxiety. Researchers also revealed that touch mimics human interaction including cuddling teddy bears might be a helpful addition for treating depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Aside from that, it seems that the relationships that children develop with their favorite soft toys can be advantageous even into their adult life. Recently, research revealed that majority of adult men kept their childhood soft toys and most of them still sleep with these. It just means that the bond that people make with their soft toys can last for a lifetime and can be more complex and much deeper than what meets the eye.

With the amazing benefits of soft toys for babies and toddlers, there is no doubt why these toys are always high in demand. If you are looking for the best collections of soft toys online, make sure to check our collection HERE.