May 20, 2018

Buying gifts for newborns can be such fun, and with all the numerous choices out there we tend to get lost. If you ever had the chance to browse through a baby store you must have found yourself thinking how every other item is cute and cuddly. The key is keeping composed and finding the perfect item to represent the first gift you are about to give a newborn. So we have come up with a list that can help you narrow your choices and maybe inspire you to choose the ideal option.

Their first pair of shoes

Let’s be honest these are just for show, so they are bound to remain a keepsake for when they become older. This makes it even more important that you get a great pair, one that will remain a great first gift for a newborn. Of course it is important to distinguish between baby shoes for boys and girls. Boys can get a very manly pair of brown leather kicks or ones in the camouflage print. On the other hand baby girls should get a pair of floral boots or a cute pink slip-ons embellished with stars. There are so many choice, but you know the baby will love to kick them off as much as they can, so you can't go wrong either way.

A memorable toy

5 Great Gifts For A Newborn

As you know in the first few months babies don’t see colors and recognize shapes, they only see shadows so a toy will come in handy later on. This of course doesn’t mean you should get any old toy. You need to keep in mind that in the beginning, when they start actually noticing toys, babies will tend to grab them and put them in their mouths, so any material that could be hazardous should be avoided. Next, make sure that you opt for soft toys that won’t present a choking hazard but will at the same time be fun for touching and squeezing. It would be advisable to avoid squeaky ones just for the sake of parents who would have to live with the noise day in and day out until their child gets bored.

The ever needed blanket

In so many cartoons and movies you see the kids carrying their blanket that they got when they were just babies. Now you have the option of making your gift exactly that blanket. How precious would that be? This is one of those memorable unique gifts that the will stay with them for a long time. And if you take the time and personalize the blanket of your choice, that would make the gift that much more special. You could opt for adding their name or date of birth, something simple that would make the present truly unique and perfect for the newborn.

The perfect onesie

5 Great Gifts For A Newborn

Of course parents will need as many of these as possible with all the pooping and spitting, these are being changed a couple of times a day, making this the ideal gift. You can choose from a vast array of colors and cool signs and even get the one for each day of the week. Onesies are a useful and fun choice for a gift and you can even go as far as to mock parents a bit depending on what sign you choose to get on this particular clothing item. The only thing you should consider is the size, always get one size larger, babies grow quite fast and if you want them to wear it for at least a month or two, a one size larger option is a must.

A set of milestone cards

These can be quite a fun gift. Milestone cards are great for documenting each month of a baby’s life as well as each big change that occurs. The concept is simple, you take a milestone card, for example, first tooth, add the date and take a picture with it next to the baby. That way you will have an entire album that you can go through with each memorable moment of the first year of a child’s life well documented. How precious is that? 

There you have it, the five perfect gift ideas for newborns. Of course there are many, many more you could choose from. The most important thing is that the gift of your choice comes from the heart and that it represents something meaningful to the little life that has just come into this world.